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    Assigning one XMLList to another

    Handycam Level 1
      My current app has two paths it can take. I've got three xml files: the intro, path 1 and path 2.

      I'm getting all the data at init. The intro is no problem. I am then storing path1 in an XMLList, "_stepsData1" and path 2 in "_stepsData2".

      I have a function called by the intro that gets the path from the user. I'd like to be able to set here which is THE XMLList to use from here on. I've discovered I can't simply assign on XML List to another, as in

      _stepsDataFinal = _stepsData1

      So how is this done? I obviously want to work with one XMLList, not 2, since I can then more easily create bindings to the "chosen" master list.