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    Frustration with obtaining educational license

      I am wondering if anyone else is experiencing frustration receiving the free Flex Builder license for students. I am a student enrolled at a US college and have gone to the Adobe Educational Store and clicked on the link for the free offer for students. This takes me to the site www.flexregistration.com. In there I have filled out the form four (4) times since November when the offer started and provided my scanned copies of my tuition bills and student ID card. I used the tuition bills to show that I am a current student.

      I have tried going through Adobe Customer Service multiple times and each time I received a bland response telling me that I had not placed a web order. This is not possible for this promotion. I tried calling Adobe Customer Service three times only to be patched through to operators in India whom I could barely understand. Finally they gave up and sent me to Flex Builder tech support, who of course told me they could not help me because I "don't have the product". My last ditch was calling the Store support, who told me that they could not help me as "their computers were currently down".

      I love all of what I am seeing Flex Builder currently do. I just REALLY want to learn Flex Builder and show my classes that it is the next great wave and I think what Adobe is offering is really an amazing promotion. If I don't resolve this I will have to continue my classes using the free version of Visual Studio Express that Microsoft freely offers and continue learning .NET.

      I think Adobe has great products, but when it comes to encouraging learning in educational institutions, I question their commitment, when I can not receive a coherent response from anyone in the company. In this regard, Microsoft clearly has them beat.

      I'm hoping someone in this forum from Adobe will read this and resolve this issue or let me know how I can get it done.

      Many thanks in advance.
      P Espeland