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    How to create streaming  .SWF file

      Hi all,
      All my Captivate presentations contain more than 90 slides. So, its taking so much time to load. I need streaming .SWF file to avoid loading time like Camtesia .SWF files.

      How can I create streaming .SWF files using Adobe Captivate 2.0(full version)?

      Please let me any suggestions.

      Thank in advance.
      RamaRao R
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          HI RamaRao R and welcome to our community

          Looks like somehow your post was overlooked by those of us here trying to help. Sorry for the delay. The Adobe support forums for Captivate are normally more responsive than this.

          The bottom line is that Captivate .SWF files aren't set up for streaming. They *DO* offer the use of streaming video via the .FLV format. I'm guessing that you really don't want official streaming anyway. With official streaming, you have special software on your server. When the user clicks the link to watch what is being streamed, you initiate a connection same as you do if the server presents an HTML page. But here's the difference as I understand it after having it explained to me. With true streaming, the content is played as it is received from the server. Nothing ends up inside your Temporary Files folder that the user may later extract. It sort of “evaporates” as soon as it has arrived and been played by the receiving PC. Further, the server software is in a constant mode of observing how well streaming is working and making adjustments to maximize efficiency with what is being streamed.

          But that was a $10,000 answer to a $.25 question. To my knowledge, there is no streaming available for Captivate .SWF content that I'm aware of. (unless one of the streaming solutions would allow these)

          I'm thinking the best we can do here is to ensure you are using the Captivate preloader component. Normally these are enabled by default, but you may have turned it off. To turn it off and on, you click Project * Preferences * Start and End tab.

          Hopefully something here was helpful in some way... Rick