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    Accessing function with a Class

    steph62 Level 1

      I have a mp3player that I want to include in another flash movie. The mp3player is a movie clip with an actionscript class attached to it. I can use the mp3 player fine and it works perfectly, but I have a slight problem when I want to change one of the variables in the class. The class contains get and set methods to change the playlist etc, and the only way I can think of to access them is to create a new player object and call the functions on that object. This kind of works- I can call the function and it resets the playlist value, but for some reason the constructor in the class is called straight afterwards and the playlist reverts back to the default. I have a feeling this has something to do with the fact that the actionscript class is attached to the player movieclip, but I'm not an expert at using OO design in flash, and so can't be certain.
      I hope someone can help- I'm sorry I can't post any of the code in the class, but it's a file I bought and the copyright won't allow me to do so.

      Thanks in advance