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    Project Manager Folder Structure doesnot reflect FPJ structure

      I am using Robohelp 7 aong with Microsoft Visual Source Safe. Last night I had renamed 10 files, imported 30 html pages, and created 20 html pages through Project Manager. Before closing Robohelp, I ensured that i clicked the "Save All" and "Check In All" buttons from the toolbar so that the updated folder structure would be available when next time I load my project.

      To my greatest shock, although the FPJ file appears to be updated, the Project Manager structure doesn't seem to be updated for the changes I had done. the renamed files appear with their older name with a Cross mark. Am confused, since those files appear correctly in Windows Explorer and the FPJ file, then whats causing the issue.

      Please help me out with a work around, since I cant re update every time Robohelp Loads.