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    Push Notifications on Phonegap Build

    maxg46011845 Level 1

      Hi all,

      I've been reading about the subject of sending push notifications on a hybrid app using PhoneGap Build and I've found that documentation either does not exist or is out dated.


      Firstly, I went to the tutorial section in PhoneGap Build:

      Push Notifications | PhoneGap Docs

      I used this last year and the service was a good starter to confirm that the plugin and push notifications were working. Today I find that the "push" command is not recognized and it is only from a github article that I find the service is discontinued!



      I would suggest the documentation be updated...


      This brings me onto my main point for posting, and I did search around a lot before posting here. There is no definitive or thorough guide of any sort for how to setup push notifications using an app built with PhoneGap build There seems to be no concrete information as to what version of the push plugin we need to use, and now there is no testing tool to even verify that the plugin we are using can work. Looking around the forum, its' clear many people are having problems with push notifications. What we really need is a guide on how to do this, end to end from which version of the plugin to use, to how to configure against Android and Apple.


      It would be great if someone can point me in the right direction of how to get started with push notifications in PhoneGap Build. I was going to start at the tutorials but I see that is now irrelevant. If a guide / docs doesn't exist, I am happy to write it and share with the community, if I have some pointers, but we really do need some more updated docs for this service. (push notifications and more) It is a pay for service after all...



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          janjua2k9 Level 1

          Hello Max,
          Were you able to find a solution?

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            maxg46011845 Level 1



            No not yet. I have managed to get notifications to work using the older version of the plugin push. (1.9x branch). However, I really need to use the 2x version so that I can take advantage of the newer android builds (the older ones are no longer accepted on the play store).


            What I really need is step by step instructions of the config needed to use the plugin push 2x branch with PhoneGap Build for both Android and IOS.


            There does not seem to be any substantive guidance on this. For example, we know that to use FCM we must download the json config file and put it in the root of the PhoneGap buld project. However, What config options do we need to reference this, do we need to change any of the json in the config file itself?


            From what I can see, we really need to be using the 2x version, so we really need a step by step on how to make this work with PhoneGap Build.


            The documentation provided is simply not up to scratch...



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              cherib7853625 Level 1

              This forum seems to be a black hole and there are no other support options available.  I am not sure phongap is a valid solutions anymore