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    TOP 2 Keywords MISSING!!!!!

    donbrio Level 1

      Screen Shot 2019-01-07 at 4.53.00 PM.pngScreen Shot 2019-01-07 at 4.55.28 PM.png

      I just looked at my recent uploads and ALL of them are missing the top 2 keywords.....THIS IS VERY VERY CRITICAL for people to find.


      I just tried to fix it by repeating the first 2 again...and THOSE were removed




      FIX THIS!!!

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          Abambo Adobe Community Professional

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            MatHayward Adobe Employee

            What specific keywords are missing from which specific image number? I'll take a look on our end.



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              donbrio Level 1

              Hi Matt


              In regards to specific images...literally all of them.  I have looked over the last postings during the last year and NONE of them have the same keywords that I selected and what appears on my contributor pages, but different what is shown to the public.

              VERY upsetting to find the keywords missing are the first couple crucial ones. 


              After realizing the extent of the problem I am beginning to feel real anger. This is VERY upsetting and beyond frustrating to the point where I literally had to walk away and consider why I am still bothering to spend the time.  This is beginning to affect my health and stress levels.  Bottom line....this is affecting sales.  If people are not seeing images due to them not showing up because of missing keywords...then my photos are being buried. 














              I GIVE UP!!!...look at any of my images and you will see the symptom.


              Most of the latest are missing the primary keywords, first 2, but ALL are missing up to 5 when I compare to what I posted.

              I have close to 1000 images posted and don't have the time to fix all of them. 


              Here are some of the latest...but I stopped looked for examples after realizing EVERY SINGLE photo is missing crucial keywords.  I have complained about this in the past and remember spending a lot of time trying to correct this and now it is actually worse.


              Is this something everyone is having issues with?

              Also, I have noticed numerous glitches like my top selling photo not sending e-mails when a photo is sold....nothing was ever done about that....not a huge deal, but indicative of technical problems with your programming.  


              The keyword issue is totally unacceptable.  I have yet to find one image that is not missing a keyword or changed keyword.


              A little glitch here and there is understandable...this is totally unacceptable.

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                MatHayward Adobe Employee

                Are you referencing the "similar keywords" display on the customer facing site? If so, these are not meant to be an exhaustive list of all keywords associated with the file. These are for customers to see and click if they want to view other images of a similar nature. Your keywords Taos Pueblo and Unesco are not listed as a keyword recommendation by the system for additional search queries but they are relevant to search for customers to find your image. If you see the keyword in the contributor portal associated with the file I can assure you they are there. The keywords I mentioned above are valid with image 237296344 if that is your specific concern.


                Mat Hayward

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                  donbrio Level 1

                  For example, if you search for Taos Pueblo, none of the Taos Pueblo photos come up.   Taos pueblo is the subject of these photos and what people associate that location with.  They are clearly suitable photos of that specific subject, yet only 98 images appear in total.

                  When I looked at the keywords those 2 primary descriptors were missing.


                  So, if someone is looking for a photo of that subject, these will not appear.


                  In addition  when doing a search for the EXACT title of the photo...no results.


                  HOWEVER.....if I type in the first words that now show up....Navajo dwelling.   VERY FIRST PHOTO.


                  I do not want Navajo dwelling as the primary keyword...I want the much more appropriate and specific...Taos pueblo as I have originally selected.


                  Do I not get that choice?

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                    MatHayward Adobe Employee

                    The title of an image is not searchable. Only keywords.



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                      donbrio Level 1

                      just proved you wrong.


                      the title of the image IS the primary element.   I changed the title to Taos Pueblo...removed everything else and it came right up...just the one I changed.  


                      Apparently, if a word....mostly, found exceptions already, is in the title...it will be removed from the keywords shown below.  This is fine, but goes contrary to what I have read regarding titles and what you have just now replied above.


                      This has not always been the case in the past, but I can adapt accordingly with the new changes and use the title as the primary searchable keywords.

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                        MatHayward Adobe Employee

                        Regarding Taos Pueblo specifically I confirmed what you wrote and we are looking into it.


                        Thanks for your patience,



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                          donbrio Level 1

                          still not fixed.   Changed others with no results.   Taos pueblo is removed from keywords even if not in title.


                          If in title and in keywords...doesn't appear.   First image or last page of results is fine with me...I just don't understand why the primary keywords are not resulting in an image appearing at all.  

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                            MatHayward Adobe Employee

                            As mentioned, the title does not impact search within Adobe Stock. I have our team looking at your original file to investigate. I'll update this thread when I have information to share.



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                              donbrio Level 1

                              Thanks...last comment sent before your other response.  I really do appreciate your patience and responses and am looking forward to what you can find out.

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                                donbrio Level 1

                                Please, in addition, take note that this is not a specific issue with one or a set of my files recently uploaded...it is with hundreds of them.   Primary key words missing and not showing up in search results for those specific primary keywords.

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                                  I have the same problem. On a number of files I entered the correct keywords and submitted, but now find keywords reverted to the automatically generated ones which are not relevant. Is there some kind of glitch in the submissions process?

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                                    Abambo Adobe Community Professional

                                    You didn’t probably not hit the save button when updating. I have never experienced such a behaviour. The thread here is about “missing” keyword...in a different sense.