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    creating output folder

      Hey guys,

      I am really desperate here. This thing has happened to me before and
      it's happening again now. Basically I am creating a new actionscript
      project and adding my external libraries like pv3d and ape.cove etc.
      then without any further code I am just trying to run it for the first
      time. There I get this error :(the name of the project is FirstMesh)

      File not found: file:/Users/izmir/Documents/Flex%20Builder%203/

      basically what happens is, flex builder doesn't create the output
      folder for some reason. This is weird because it was working fine
      yesterday. This happens when I create new documents but it also screws
      up my current documents too when I try to run them. :(
      I am really sad, does anyone encounter this error before. I am on a
      mac and this is fb 3 standalone IDE. I tried building projects, deleting the configuration fodler on /documents/flex builder 3/ but no go :(