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    Transferring large blobs using java to actionscript


      I have an application that uses an Assembler to to query a database, create Java objects with this data and return a list of entries. Using the java adapter these get converted to an equivalent acionscript class. Some of the objects have large blobs for photo data.

      When using medium sized images if i set the pagesize to 1, they come through fine. If the page size is higher, i dont seem get anything.
      If a larger image is used, say 400Kb, i get the same problem, even if a pagesize of 1 is used.

      How can i ensure that these large packets get through?

      Or does anyone think there might be some other problem?
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          CathyM Level 1
          I'm not sure why the large packets are getting through. You'll need to enable the client and the server for debugging to provide more information.

          Let us know if you encounter any errors with the following -

          (a) What transport protocol are you using AMF or RTMP?

          (b) Enable debug level logging on the client.

          Add <mx:TraceTarget level="2"/> at the top of your mxml file.

          Be sure that you have a debug version of the Flash Player installed. These messages are written to flashlog.txt in C:\Documents and Settings\user name\flashlog.txt.

          (c) Enable debug level logging for FDS.

          In services-config.xml, in the logging section set level="Debug" then be sure that the Message.* filter is active. Restart the server. These messages will print out to the server console.