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    ProgressBar: getting it to disappear once the load is completed

    ThaesOfereode_5555 Level 1
      Decided to try out the Flash ProgressBar Component, and---don't chide me---it's in Flash 8, alright?

      Anyway, I followed the instructions in David Vogeleer's Macromedia Flash Professional 8 Unleashed "Bible."

      Instructions on page 493-494.

      I had created a Flash movie in a separate file, so I created the progressBar1.fla file as per the instructions and thought "hey!" if I can call up an image display, why can't I call up an .swf file to display? So, set up the parameters in my progressBar1.fla file with contentPath set to my Flash file's filename instead of just an image.

      I "got" and "fixed" the pesky scaleContent parameter (set that to false).

      All looks great with the progress bar looks nice as I test it, simulating a load, but then when the .swf file appears, the ProgressBar, obediently displaying 100%, remains on the screen, superimposed in front of my lovely .swf file's contents. Wwaaaaahhhh!

      Tried to code a "destroyObject" for the progress bar to take place "on Completion" in the progressBar1.fla, but to no avail.

      Is there any way to get the progress bar, once it's reached 100% to disappear from the screen once the .jpg or .swf file that's coded in the contentPath parameter has completed loading?