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    Showing Times New Roman as Symbol italic (= square signs)

    Joninen Level 1



      I've placed Word text (with Mathtype equations) to Mac InDesign, and some of the alphabets in the text (I don't mean the converted Mathtype equations) is shown as squares. So it doesn't recognize the font / sign. According to InDesign, the 'fonts' are Symbol Italic or Symbol Bold Italic – which actually doesn't exist as a font. There is only plain version from Symbol font.

      I got the Word text (with the Mathtype equations) from my client who uses Windows. I also have the MathTools which should show the Mathtype equations text as fonts (instead of converting them) in InDesign.


      But the primary challenge is to see those 'square' fonts as fonts (there are not many of them).

      - What could be the issue?