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    how can you increase the speed with a slider

      I have been trying to work at this for about a week and a half. I browsed several communities but it seems that noone has an answer so I am not even sure if this is possible I am not a flash expert but what I am trying to do is as follows;

      I have a movie with several movie clips. I have an animation of a female walking, I also have a slider that when I move it to the right bags are added on to her. but what I am also trying to accomplish is to have her walk faster as the slider moves to the right.

      I tried several scripts but they seem not to work as I wan them to plus they start to cancel out the bag function.

      How could I make this happen if it is even possible. I want to use the slider to increase the speed of the lady walking. Slider and Lady are movie clips.

      thanks in advance