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    Wrong MXF file imports


      Does anyone have an answer for me?  When importing mxf files from multiple folders into a multi-camera timeline the same single file is imported only.  All the files are highlighted and dragged into the project, or highlighted and imported.  But for each file highlighted, a copy of the same file is imported.  If I highlight 7 mxf files to import, the same file will be imported 7 times. 


      I've done this hundreds of times over the years, and this has NEVER happened. 


      Even media encoder only recognizes that same file. 


      I tried to take the single file out of the folder and then import something else... but the program still imported the other file but then said it couldn't find it. 


      So now I'm converting each file separately using handbrake and will marry them later with their audio files.  It's very time consuming, but it's the only thing I can do till I figure out what happened. 


      Any help would be appreciated. 



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          When copying SD cards to hard drive for editing, create a unique folder for the contents of each card, and copy everything from SD card to the hard drive folder, do not pick and choose just video clips. Folder structure and metadata are useful to Premiere.


          Once footage is properly copied to hard drive, use Media Browser for import in Premiere, not File > Import.


          Using these methods, Premiere should not get confused when you have two or more different clips named 0001.mts or whatever. Also helps with other issues, for instance long AVCHD recordings that are spanned across multiple small clips on card will import as one large seamless clip in Premiere. Many benefits.