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    Help with Flash smooth transitions

      Can someone please tell me how I can make a Flash movie like this one here
      where it transitions smoothly from one image to another.

      I have been using Flash for a while at a basic level, but my attempts at such movies always seem to be jerky. When I create them I use a simple motion tween using fade in and out with Alpha between the images as that's what I have read in tutorials to create these. I have also tried increasing the frame rate as I read that could help, but it still doesn't look right. I have put a copy of my latest attempt here and you can see it's juddery between transactions, and I don't even really want the fade effect, I just want it to transition smoothly between images as in the Broadmoor example above.

      Do I have to use Actionscript to make a more professional movie like the one linked to? If so, I have never used Actionscript before so would appreciate if someone can point me to a tutorial etc.

      Thanks a lot in advance for any help or suggestions.
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          Are you fading the second image in as the first image is fading out? If so try layering all of the images in the order you want and fade just the top image out so the one underneath appears. If you want to have it loop just have the very first image appear again as the last image and then use actiomscript to jump back to a frame where the same image is fully loaded at the beginning... I hope this makes sense. If not please let me know and I can try to explain a little better.
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            Annedwithane Level 1
            Thanks for your advice digitalds - I've managed to improve the movie quite a bit but I'll look at this actionscript idea too
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              digitalds Level 1
              Hello again... I just wanted to say that I looked at you latest attemp and its looking very nice. I did notice however, there was a bit of white that still shows through... If you leave all of the images in the layer at 100% and just fade out the previous one (don't fade in the one underneath as it should be at 100%) then it should smooth it up even more...