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    508 compliance and ColdFusion 8

    jim1234 Level 1
      Hi all,

      I am looking for any help or guidance in using ColdFusion 8 Ajax components and flash (such as cfgrid with format="flash") for 508 compliance. More specifically, what can and can not be used, if you use an Ajax tag (cfmenu, cfgrid, etc.) what needs to be done to make compliant, if using the flash format for Ajax tools can be made 508 compliant, or the XML, or the HTML. I know that when you embed cfgrid in cfform you can add the accessible="true" to the cfform and that suppossedly makes the flash form compliant, but does this work when using cfgrid, or is it only for regular flash forms?

      This is to help start a discussion on this topic since the section on the Adobe web site on 508 compliance has not yet caught up with ColdFusion 8.