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    XML: Variable # nodes problem...

      I have nodes in my XML file that look like this:
      <Listings xmlns...
      <name>John Doe</name>
      <address format="simple">
      <component name="addr1">155 Main Street</component>
      <component name="city">New York</component>
      <component name="province">NY</component>
      <component name="postal_code">99999</component>
      <phone type="main">(555) 555-5555</phone>
      <phone type="fax">(444) 444-4444</phone>

      The problem is, what if all 4 address lines aren't there, and what if they don't send the Fax or any phone number. With simpler XML elements, I'm able to do stuff like this and it works:

      <cfif NOT structKeyExists(mydoc.listings.listing , "name")>
      <cfoutput>Record #i#: Name doesn't exist!</cfoutput><br>
      <cfset mydoc.listings.listing
      .name = XmlElemNew(mydoc,"name")>
      <cfset mydoc.listings.listing .name.XmlText = "Unknown">

      If "name" isn't in the file, it sets it to "Unknown".

      But I can't get this code to work for the more complicated structures like address and phone above. If I do something like the following, it says the phone isn't present, even though it is:

      <cfif NOT structKeyExists(mydoc.listings.listing
      <cfoutput>Record #i#: Phone_main doesn't exist!</cfoutput><br>
      <cfset mydoc.listings.listing .phone[1].xxx = XmlElemNew(mydoc,"xxx")>
      <cfset mydoc.listings.listing
      .phone[1].xxx.XmlText = "0">

      Basically the problem is, if I don't insert a node, then Coldfusion throws an exception when I try to put it in a query:

      <cfset temp = QuerySetCell(storequery, "phone_main",
      #mydoc.listings.listing .phone[1].XmlText#, #i#)>

      Maybe there's a better work-around for the problem than inserting nodes for missing nodes? I tried using <cfparam> with default values, no luck there. That throws an exception too. Also if I try using XmlSearch and the item is missing, it throws an exception.

      Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.