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    How to use two dynamic media replication agents in aem with different permissions?

    mayankm1988 Level 1


      We are using adobe dynamic media to display images and videos on front end.


      We have a scenario where we need to have two dynamic media servers for different countries.

      Based on path we need to send images on corresponding dynamic meida servers.

      For example images under /content/dam/a--> Dynamic media 1

      images under /content/dam/b--> Dynamic media 2


      For this we have configured two s7delivery replication agent and given different persmissions to agents as below.


      1. dynamic-media-replication agent have read/replicate permission on /content/dam/a


      2. dynamic-media-replication-new agent have read/replicate permission on /content/dam/b


      However when we are trying to test connection using 2nd agent we are getting below exception:

      com.day.cq.replication.ReplicationException: Impersonation not allowed.

          at com.adobe.cq.dam.aod.replication.S7DeliveryContentBuilder.getResolver(S7DeliveryContentBu ilder.java:158)


      On further analysis we found that in com.adobe.cq.dam.aod.replication.S7DeliveryContentBuilder.java there is code

      where dynamic-media-replication systen user tries to impersonate agent id(dynamic-media-replication-new in this case) where it is failing with above exception


      Any pointers on how to handle this scenario?


      Attached screenshot for same: