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    Formatting text in the Notes Pane

      Does anyone know if there is a way to format the text in the Notes Pane window?
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          robva65 Level 2
          Depending on which version of the plug-in you have, there are a couple of directions you can take:

          With Presenter 6.x, you can incorporate bolding and italicizing of your notes while authoring in PowerPoint. As far as I know (at least having tested this with Presenter 6.0 on a Vista machine running PowerPoint 2007), you still can't format notes beyond the simple application of bolding or italicizing...meaning that you can't style your notes with color, etc.

          With Breeze 5.x, this gets a bit stickier, and without getting too far down "into the weeds on this", text formatting in the notes panel will most likely depend on which version of Breeze you're using. Generally speaking, however, in order to see any kind of formatting displayed in the Notes panel of a presentation means that you have to alter a line of code in the viewer.xml document that's created once you publish your deck....and here's how:

          1. Go ahead and add bold and italics treatment as necessary...and then publish your deck--for this procedure, the premise is that you're publishing locally to your computer.
          2. Navigate to the Data directory of the published presentation.
          3. Within the Data directory, you need to find and then open the viewer.xml document. I'd recommend that you right-click it and use Notepad to open the xml doc.
          4. Now, when you're in Notepad, you can use Notepad's Find and Replace feature to make the next series of steps much easier to deal with. From the main menu in Notepad, click on Edit, and then trace down and select "Replace..." or hit Control-H.
          5. When the Find & Replace dialog box appears, in the "Find what" field, type: isHTML="false"
          and in the "Replace with" field type: isHTML="true"
          6. Save and close down the viewer.xml doc
          7. Now, if you re-run the course, any instance of formatting that you created while in PowerPoint *should* appear in the Notes panel of the Breeze/Presenter presentation.

          Again, the ability to format text in the notes region is still very much limited. And without specfically knowing which version you're using, the above represents a basic guideline to having simple formatting show up on a published presentation. IF you're using an earlier version (ex: Breeze 4.0/5.0), then let me know, because there are other steps you can take to ensure that bolded or italicized text appears in the Notes tab.

          Hope that helps!

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