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    Animated Zoom


      Adobe animate 19.1 build 349.

      64 bit windows 10


      Hello. Adobe Animate is missing a crucial navigation function.


      Animated Zoom is present is Photoshop, Illustrator, and In Design. But for some reason not in Adobe Animate


      Animate has a canvas Rotation, why not Animated Zoom as well.


      Animated Zoom needs to be a top priority for this program.


      Its time.

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          ClayUUID Adobe Community Professional

          roostertoons  wrote


          Animated Zoom needs to be a top priority for this program.

          No, it doesn't. Fixing bugs and adding actual functionality (like bringing spell check back) should be top priority. Cosmetic frippery like animating between zoom levels in the editor can wait forever as far as I'm concerned.

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            kdmemory Level 4

            well RT


            to say that it needs to be a top priority in Animate is a bit over the top. Thanks anyway, though, for bringing this to my attention. I use Illustrator frequently but never new about zooming by dragging the mouse while clicking and pressing the "Z" key.


            It would be nice, in Animate, but I agree with ClayUUID, there are many bug fixes and improvements more important.



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              roostertoons Level 1

              ctrl+spacebar + mouse dragging is a great way to zoom. It has less to do with animation and more to do with zooming in and out with precision and accuracy. The animation is more of a bi-product of the precision that the type of zooming I'm requesting creates. I don't want to simply animate between the current zooming levels. I want to be able to control zooming in and out like i can in other apps (photoshop, illustrator, etc). It is something that I'm sure people who draw allot in animate will appreciate.

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                roostertoons Level 1

                I really don't think its that over the top. I understand that bugs need to be fixed but zooming needs to catch up to the rest of the UI. It has been neglected. Thanks for the tip about z+dragging the mouse. I had been using ctrl+spacebar in photoshop and illustrator. I don't use the zoom tool when drawing. I stick with the brush and use the dragging zoom. In animate since there is no dragging zoom i use "+" and "-". The last couple of updates were awesome game changers. I think that the z+dragging or ctrl+spacebar+mouse dragging would be a cool next update. Zooming is currently awkward and claustrophobic. I use weird coping behavior like drawing something where I want to zoom, selecting it then zooming just so that the focus is right. I shouldn't have to do stuff like that with commercial software. I have a mini panic attack when I have to zoom in a situation where I know I'm going to have to think around the limitations.

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                  kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  fwiw, i’m perfectly happy zooming by dragging a rectangle.

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                    kdmemory Level 4

                    Hi RT and others ..


                    I think RT is right. I'm not so much a drawer/illustrator person, more a constructivist. Nevertheless sometimes I do drawing-like work and then and generally I find the zooming UX in Animate limited too. I often feel, that when using cmd +/cmd -, the zoom steps are too huge. E.g. when I'm on 124% and press cmd + it catapults me to 246%. That's often too much of a step.

                    (cmd or ctrl - I'm on a mac)


                    And dragging a rectangle with the zoom tool, okay, that's far more precise and interactive. But you have to change your tool, e.g. from pen tool to zoom tool, draw zoom rect and back to to pen tool. That's counter-intuitive. And often you inconveniently interrupt the sequential process, like e.g. with pen tool the mechanics of deciding upon corner or smooth point. This is what you want, RT, to fluently zoom without swapping your tool at hand (cursor)? Am I right?


                    Yeah, thinking about it, I actually agree, Animate should have such an UX feature. But as kglad pointed out, this forum isn't precisely the place to bring this up. RT, it belongs to Feature Request/Bug Report Form . just one advice: try to formulate it a touch more politely. Puffing up like needs to be a top priority for this program doesn't really help your course. This for sure is also the reason why our responses might have been a little contemptuous.



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                      JoãoCésar Adobe Community Professional & MVP



                      Please notice that you can use Ctrl/Cmd + mouse wheel to zoom in and out as well.


                      Also, it's possible to create something near to Photoshop's scrubby zoom by using an extensible tool.



                      (Page 42, Sample Poly Star Tool)


                      I say near because Animate CC IDE is not GPU accelerated. Someone correct me here if I'm wrong.





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                        kdmemory Level 4

                        JoãoCésar  wrote


                        Please notice that you can use Ctrl/Cmd + mouse wheel to zoom in and out as well.

                        That's brilliant, João, I never knew that! I'll use it from now on.


                        Your second point, using an extensible tool, err, you lost me.

                        On page 42 there's something about BitmapItem.hasValidAlphaLayer, you can't mean that.

                        Do you mean page 192: document.zoomFactor? Well, here it'd necessary to study the whole process how-to write Flash application scripts to help streamline the authoring process. Is this all still valid for Animate? The PDF is from the old Flash days with mentioning stuff like Netscape JavaScript API. Nothing wrong with that, in the old days I missed looking into this in regards to Flash. I'll keep the PDF and give it a proper consideration. Cheers, you'll never stop learning.



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                          JoãoCésar Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                          Nice, Klaus!


                          Oh, I forgot to be more specific. I mean the Sample PolyStar Tool. The one Animate uses is in fact an extensible tool.


                          Yeah, the PDF and the JSFL API is very outdated, unfortunately. But yet it still allows the creation of amazing tools and panels.


                          Here is one I started creating last year but never finished it. Shame on me. I wish I had more time for my personal projects.


                          If you search the forums, you'll see a lot of answers related to JSFL in the past 12 months.


                          I hope you can find something inspiring!





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                            ClayUUID Adobe Community Professional

                            I thought everyone knew about Ctrl+mousewheel zooming. I'd consider Animate borderline unusable without it.


                            Speaking of which, I really wish it didn't require a modifier key to use. The default behavior of the mousewheel scrolling the stage view up and down is basically useless. If I want to pan the stage view around that's what center click+drag is for.

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                              roostertoons Level 1

                              I use the center mouse wheel for zooming and panning. However when I'm using a graphics tablet i'd rather not have to grab the muse to zoom

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                                kdmemory Level 4

                                Hi João




                                So the Perspective Line Tool (in the Toolbox the tool with four rects or squares) is an extension you've build with the JSFL API?

                                Really cool!


                                I will have a deeper look into it.



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                                  JoãoCésar Adobe Community Professional & MVP



                                  The most recent version has another icon, but certainly that was the icon by the time I recorded the video.





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                                    roostertoons Level 1

                                    I can drag and rotate the canvas by pressing shift+space bar.


                                    If the dragging rotation mechanism can be altered and assigned to a different combination of keys we can achieve dragging zoom


                                    my notes:


                                    • press ctrl+space bar
                                    • zoom = currentZoom
                                    • mousex=x1, mousey = y1 (if the mouse is already begin clicked, if not wait until the mouse is clicked)
                                    • zoom focus = (x1, y1)
                                    • mousex=x2, mousey = y2 (as the mouse gets dragged in either x or y direction these values change)
                                    • newZoom = [[[abs[x2-x1] + abs[y2-y1]] / scale factor]+currentZoom (this way moving in a diagonal line will zoom twice as fast as moving straight horizontally or vertically)
                                    • currentZoom=newZoom (when the mouse is released)


                                    I'm sure the algorithm already exists in Photoshop or but there's my two cents.