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    Problem installing SSL certificate for CPS

      I work at a medium-sized University, and we have used Contribute 3 with CPS1.11 for well over a year. Recently, however, the Contribute clients began having difficulty logging in to CPS. At first this was intermittent, but is now constant. Adobe support suggested replacing the CPS self-signed SSL certificate with a genuine one, because apparently the self-signed certificate is causing communication delays and timeouts.

      I have the certificate, and am trying to use keytool (see http://java.sun.com/j2se/1.4.2/docs/tooldocs/windows/keytool.html) to install it, but it is asking me for a keystore password, which I don't know. Apparently the standard defaults are "changeit" or "passphrase", but neither of these work.

      As a test, I created a fresh install of CPS and attempted to list the keys in the keystore, but again was asked for a keystore password and the defaults did not work. Adobe support suggested I ask here. Anybody have any experience installing a certificate for CPS?