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    PSE2018 no longer in Windows Explorer Context menu


      I was working with PSE2018 with an open image.

      Went to pick up a new jpg image from the Win10 Explorer Context  Menu. Openwith>PSE2018. Msg pop up ► File will be shared, hence cannot open file in PSE2018 from that context menu .

      Never happened before.


      Then tried to find a get around and from Context menu selected Choose another App > scrolled and selected PSE2108 : image opened in PSE.

      Next went to open another image from Context menu Open with>  ► No option to open with PSE2018 was there any longer, and  I had to go Choose another App again.

      This is very awkward.


      Customer Support Chat agent says there is no chat support for PSE2018 any longer

      That situation has happened before with previous version of PSE and Customer Support chat was able to fix the issue by taking control of my PC.


      I would appreciate help to restore PSE2018 in the Context Menu Open With app options.




      NOTE: I find discontinuing support for PSE2018 as soon as 2019 is out very VERY unfair. I have owned PSE since the first release years ago, and was used to better support from ADOBE. I am told that Chat support would be available only by purchasing PSE2019.  Looks like programmed obsolescence to me. I also have full CC Suite subscription for more complex Image manipulation.