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    Slide Show Problem in Photoshop Elements 14

    fredk40227906 Level 1

      Hello all.  I am having a problem creating a slide show using Elements 14.  I imported about 250 pictures into Elements Organizer.  When creating a slide show from Organizer, about 20 percent of the pictures have been cropped where heads are cut off, etc.  The pictures all display fine outside of Organizer's slide show.  I searched the web and the Adobe forums but have not found an answer.  I resized the pictures in Elements' Photo Editor, but that made no impact when the resized pics were brought into the slide show.


      I'm guessing there is a simple solution, but as a new user to this software, I am just not finding it.   Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!

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          Greg_S. Level 3

          Have you tried different themes in the Slideshow editor?

          Are the images from a cell phone?

          What is the aspect ratio of the images? 

          Are you only having problems with portrait-oriented images?

          Can you give us a screen shot of when a cut-off head appears.

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            fredk40227906 Level 1

            1. I have tried all the different themes.  All crop to some extent, some themes more than others.

            2. No cell phone images.

            3. Aspect ratio varies.  Most of the pictures with the crop problem are square or close to square.  There are some with a 3:2 ratio, both horizontal and vertical, that are also getting cropped, however.

            4. Answered above.

            5. Really no need to post pictures.  They are just being cropped in Slide Show.  It could also be said they are just not fitting within the picture space provided by Slide Show.  I resized the most problematic ones down to half of their original size, but that had no effect on the amount that is cropped off.


            Hopefully someone who has experienced and solved this problem will respond.  Otherwise, I'll just find other software that doesn't do this.  I can't make a slide show to honor someone with pictures of them where the top half of their head is cut off.