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    Every Adobe app crashes on launch

    samuëll89735897 Level 1

      Hey, I've been having some problems with Adobe recently. About a month ago, some programs were working great and some others were erratic. For example, Dreamweaver and Photoshop were running perfectly fine on my computer, while Premiere could one day be working perfectly fine, and the other be crashing my computer every other minute. But since about a month, I haven't been able to work on any Adobe program on my computer, as every program crash on launch.


      I've uninstalled and re-installed all the programs and Adobe CC itself as well, but I still got the same problem. I'd like to know why every programs act like that. I've read a lot on these forums and everytime the problem seems to be related to the computer, but I just can't see how my computer, which can run games at 60FPS without breaking a sweat, can't run a program as simple as Photoshop.


      Any idea on what might be causing this?