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    Em dashes

    Moonlion2 Level 1
      The only way I've found to get em dashes to appear correctly is to insert the actual HTML code (— for those keeping score at home).

      It displays correctly as an em dash when the html help is generated but displays as a box when it's viewed in the Design view of the editing window. This makes editing more difficult than it should be and since its displaying as a box I worry about an error being generated down the line somehow.

      Is there a way to get em dashes to appear correctly?

      And as a bonus question, is there a way to insert em dashes that doesn't require manually typing in the html code?
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          Ben Minson Level 2
          Insert > HTML > Symbol, select Em Dash, click Insert.

          You'll notice the code for this is clunky, but there you have it.

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            Moonlion2 Level 1
            Ah, I completely overlooked that menu, thanks.

            Clunky is right. In fact, ridiculously so when compared to other schemes (even other Adobe products) but at least it displays properly in the design window.

            And I note with delight that the menu doesn't include a multiplication symbol so I guess I'm back to manually inserting html code--but at least multiplication symbols display correctly in the design window.

            No multiplication symbol but there is a heart. 'Cause heart appears more often in help documents, I guess...