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    Something for the weekend - Part 54 - Lifestyle

    davescm Adobe Community Professional


      Looking at images in car brochures, they commonly sell a lifestyle rather than just a car. So I set myself a challenge to model such a scene in 3D and the result is below.*    I wonder though where our Photoshop users will now take this.


      So for this weekend, take the image below and develop your own take around the car or lifestyle.


      Anything goes as long as it meets the forum rules on decency, copyright etc.

      Anyone and everyone is welcome to have a go - whether you are a complete beginner or a Photoshop expert.

      There are no prizes apart from the chance to practice, show off, or bring a bit of humour and fun. Don't be shy, join in and have a go!


      When posting back your edited images please use jpeg and downsize to 1200px on the long side.

      To download the image below in jpeg format with ICC color profile (sRGB) and without the forum scaling artefacts , right click and then use Save Image As /Save Target As (or similar depending on your browser).


      * Everything in the scene I modelled and rendered in Blender, apart from the sky and distant trees which are in an HDR spherical panorama, used both for lighting the scene and for the background. I downloaded that panorama from https://hdrihaven.com/hdris/  which offers free HDRIs under the creative commons license, so is a good source for those creating 3D scenes.
      Enjoy your weekend.
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