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    Text selection not working with big AI application size




      We've recently got new Macs with macOS Mojave installed, some of them with 10.14.0, and yesterday updated to 10.14.2. Also there are some older Macs with 10.14.2, and various macOS versions. On all Macs with macOS 10.14.2 installed and Adobe Illustrator CC 2018 (various versions) we see the same bug as seen below. We do not see this bug with 10.14.0 and older macOS versions.


      Unfortunately we do not have yet CC 2019 licenses (corporate).


      Problem is, that the text selection tool just does not work at all when zoomed in to a text object with big application window, but it do works when using a smaller Illustrator application window. The workaround helps when using a 'normal' not high res screen, but does not work on Retina screens like on a MacBook or a iMac.


      Maximised application:



      Smaller application size:



      Is this bug solved when working with CC 2019 and 10.14.2?


      As a first step we will have to revert back to High Sierra, because that will be maybe faster until we get the CC 2019 corporate license keys. But I would really like not to do so, maybe someone has some hints or ideas!


      Thanks and best regards,