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    AS-11 Vidchecker Fail due to structural problems/picture essence


      Hi all,


      I’ve recently had a video fail on multiple occasions going through the Vidchecker.


      The file is an AS11 for broadcast, and uses the same template project as the last 40 or so exports which have passed Vidchecker with no issue.


      The main error to come up is:


      Found 3 structural - problems with AS-11

      UK DPP conformance:

      - Picture Essence

      Descriptor item 'Black Ref Level' must be 64 (when present) but was 0. - Picture Essence Descriptor item 'White Ref Level' must be 940 (when present) but was 1023. - Picture Essence Descriptor item 'Color Range' must be 897 (when present) but was 1023.


      This is something the techs themselves have not seen before.


      It has occurred to me that this may  be related to what I have on the timeline - I have two colour mattes over the top of everything - a black and a white, with their blend modes set to lighten and darken. This is to prevent any stray pixels from going above or below legal luma levels. A technique learned in “The Cool Stuff in Premiere Pro” by Jarle Leirpoll et al.


      My question is, does anybody else use this method for broadcast safe levels, and if so have they encountered any errors recently with their videos going through Vidchecker?


      If anybody uses other methods to ensure Broadcast safe levels would they care to share them? I personally find the video limiter effect on its own to be less effective.


      It is also worth noting that during these passes through the Vidchecker, it at one point indicated the colour bars were not at 100, when they definitely were. It also flagged a title sequence for harmful flashing, when the title sequence has remained untouched in 35 weeks of broadcast with no issue.


      Could this just be a error with a new Vidchecker update? If so how best to proceed and avoid such issues again as there are many more TXs to deliver.


      All help appreciated.