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    Organizer won't show GoPro7 MP4 files, only Jpeg


      Hi there,


      when you slot the sd card in the laptop, go to Adobe Organiser to import the files, only the JPG photos show and the gopro mp4 + the raw file from the video does not display. if you click on an mp4 file it would normally take you to a preview screen so you can see it. a message pops up on the full preview screen in various languages saying Media Pending.


      It was recommended to install Microsoft HEVC File Extension so GoPro will work.  It does not, I'm afraid.

      Has anyone else had this issue, with all the gopros out their someone must have heard something.


      Many thanks


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          Greg_S. Level 3

          What version are you using?  In recent versions, the Adobe Photo Downloader doesn't display video thumbnails, no matter what camera you are importing from.  (This is a big peeve of mine.) 

          Are you saying that you have downloaded the files into the Organizer and they are not previewing there? Can you give us a screen shot of the error message you are seeing.

          GoPro seems to use proprietary codecs that often do not play nicely with other software.  I would suggest converting the files using Handbrake, a free utility, that may solve the issue.