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    ACS - Hard/Soft Bounce and Open/Click

    eveline8 Level 1

      Hi all,

      I have some doubts about some delivery logs.

      We have some profiles that have faylure type Hard and Reason of failure User unknow or Blacklisted address but they have also clicked or open the delivery.


      Can anyone explain me better how it is possible that a profiles with nature of failure "User unknown" can received the delivery and open it?




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          asish kumarp59945245 Level 2

          Are you seeing the tracking info of opens / clicks against the same delivery email for which it is hard bounced??


          If they are black listed that means the user have opted out of email channel. In that case the profile's email address is good and he/she might have received & opened the email prior to being black listed.


          If it is a hard bounce for a specific email & delivery and still you are getting response of open & click against the same email address and delivery for which it hard bounced, then this need to be investigated by support team. You can raise a ticket for this.


          But if you have seen opens & clicks for the profile in past for older deliveries and now you are seeing hard bounce against that email address, it may have happened the email address is obsolete now.

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            eveline8 Level 1

            Thanks for your feedback.

            I am seeing the tracking info of opens/clicks against the same delivery email.

            For the case of black listed I'm agree with you.


            The strangest behavior is for the User unknow that have made clicks and opens.