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    Adobe CC 2019 - For real?

    rezon8r Level 1

      What was the point of this update? Just to break everything?

      After 20+ years - why would you change hotkeys?


      Holding 'shift' is universal to locking aspect ratio... but you broke that in Photoshop 2019. Why?

      Trying to click on a small element on a layer and missing - automatically bumps you down to another layer. Why?

      Colors no longer stick, workspaces broken, performance is garbage, artifacts left on screen, GUI looks horrible, the list goes on an on...


      Why the 'Screw You' big middle finger update? It's brutal.

      You give your user-base zero confidence when you release crap like this.


      I'm paying you $90/month to add cool new features and make sure the software runs at peak performance. This update is the complete opposite.

      Gross incompetence like this should not be tolerated at Adobe.