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    Misaligned Markers on Linked Footage

    UIUCKate Level 1

      Starting just recently, I am seeing markers on footage that are misaligned between audio and video tracks. This is for raw footage that has never been unlinked and is clearly in sync. I'm seeing it in different batches of footage, though mostly from the same camera. The markers in the attached image were set by locating the playhead on a specific place on the audio track and then hitting the M key to set a marker. That single keystroke is placing a marker at the playhead location on the audio track and a marker on the video track that is offset by exactly -02:20 from the location of the one on the audio track.


      Nothing has changed in our recording or ingesting procedures since before the problem appeared. It's not interfering much with our editing procedures, but it's definitely annoying. Anyone know what could be going on here?


      Thanks in advance.