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    Forcing RGB to CMYK Conversions on Open?


      So, I get a lot of clients that send RGB files instead of CMYK, and the print shop I work with will only accept files in CMYK (whether there's going to be a difference in values or not). Usually there's no CMYK profile assigned, so the files just open in RGB and I have to go to document settings and change it myself. When a file opens that clearly has tones outside of a printable range, I notice right away and make the correction, and then have to send a long, boring email to the client detailing why the colors in the file now appear dull, etc...

      However, there are times when the values would be fine. The print shop still won't work with the file, however, so I regularly get the file back, have to change the setting, re-save, and resend... it's a bit of a pain, honestly. Is there ANY way to have Illustrator ONLY open files in CMYK. As in, it always converts the hues to CMYK regardless of the color profile assigned to it?


      Using Ai CC 2018.