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    Obsolete Audio Filters and Lables

    salvuccios20349121 Level 1

      Three questions:


      I used a "deprecated filter" which appears opening the project as such:

      Audio Filter obsolete:  Adaptive Noise Reduction

      I changed and used the RX7 Voice denoise from iZotope, which works better

      As this message appears opening the project I might have left this obsolete filter in one or more clips As they are thousands, is there a "fast" way to locate these filters, OR if I was able to remove it everywhere I used it does it appear for some mysterious reasons in project file no matter if it is in use or not?

      I selected one by one A1, A2 ecc audio files attempting to remove the AUDIO filters Property butI never saw the Obsolete Adaptive Noise Reduction in the list to Remove.


      In my Effects window iZotope RX7 Voice denoise (and all others from iZotope) appear 3 or four times ... how can I just keep one in my list? I placed them in the system Library not int he Users library ... so I don't understand what to do-



      I unlinked every "linked Video-Audio files" in my editing I occasionally need to move the audio as off screen voice, using a different section of the VIDEO part as a reaction shot with no audio.

      As I have 8 different Audio tracks as Dialogue, Dialogue 2, Voice Over, Music, Foley, Other sounds, Atmosphere and so on, I hope to colour each label according to my editing needs.


      Still if an AUDIO clip comes from a MOV file, no matter if I unlink it, attempting to assign it a different colour label also the corresponding VIDEO file colour label changes.

      Is there a way to avoid this, so my various AUDIO files keep their own label as I assign it, without also changing the colour in the VIDEO file?


      Thanks a lot to anyone who care to answer