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    Synchronize with remote server fails

    Tflanner Level 1

      Ever since version DW 19.0 syncing with the remote fails. DW 18.2 works perfectly. I have downloaded DW 20.0 (15050) as of today and it shows the dialog box with results. If you try to modify the action by clicking the dialog box, it disappears. Subsequent sync do not present a dialog box, as if nothing has changed. If I close DW 20.0 and start DW 18.2, Everything works. I have tried uninstalling all versions, removing preferences and reinstalling starting with DW 18.2 to confirm its function. I then installed DW 20.0 and skipped DW 19.0 because I know that it also did not work. This happens on all computers, (4 different, 3 with win 10 1809, and one that is Insider current release.) it is not machine specific.


      I reported this as a bug under DW19.0 .The DW "next" 15030 release would sometimes sync properly, but you couldn't interact with the dialog box. I have just reverted to DW 18.2 since it works. Guess my monthly subscription is not useful for DW.