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    Best Macbook Pro for using Adobe CC?

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      I'm looking at switching from my old 2012 iMac to a new macbook pro as I'm a video editor for a small TV company. if i went for a a fully kitted out 15in model i'd be looking around £6500 which i cannot afford, but i also don't want to get a basic model that won't be able to run all the CC programs and have slow export times.


      We are mainly editing 30 minute shows at 1080, rarely anything at 4K so could anyone point me in the general direction of what specs I should be looking at for a mid range model that wont break the bank but i should get at least a good 4-5 years with no slow down issues on. My budget is around £2000/2500


      Many Thanks


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          Peru Bob Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          neilg91315425  wrote

          but i should get at least a good 4-5 years with no slow down issues on.

          That might be hard to do considering the ever increasing system requirements.

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            Warren Heaton Adobe Community Professional

            As far as laptop Premiere Pro editing goes, it’s hard to go wrong with a MacBook Pro.


            Try to go with 32GB of RAM, but dropping to 16GB will be fine to save on the price.  Avoid 8GB configurations.  There’s something to be said for having as much RAM as your laptop will support.  So if you can make 32GB work, by all means do it.


            Try to go with an i9 processor, but going with an i7 will be fine to save on the price.  Even the slowest 2.2GHz i7 6-core configuration will get the job done, just not as quickly as a faster clock speed.


            Try to go with a 1TB internal boot drive, just don’t go smaller than 512GB.


            As far a graphics goes, all of the current 15-inch models are some variation of 4GB of display RAM.


            It’s unfortunate that the top fo the line i9 6-core 32GB/4TB configuration comes in at several thousand dollars.


            If you were here in the US, I’d recommend visiting an Apple Store to find just the model you like and then ordering that from B&H Photo Video or Adorama; however, while they each offer excellent prices, they only accept returns on unopened or damage on delivery items.


            It’s also worth taking a look at new, but discontinued models.


            Who knows what four to five years down the line is going to bring, but you‘ll easily work with 1080 material as well as 2160.  If for some reason 2160 bogs down, you can use the Proxy workflow.  As we move to even larger frame sizes, we’ll need more powerful laptops or rely even more on the Proxy workflow.