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    Lightroom 5.6: my lightroom screen hasn't the same colour temperature as my normal screen


      Hello guys,

      for beginning: I'm from German and please excuse my bad english.


      Nobody can help me. My problem is following...

      In Lightroom I edit my photos and safe the finishing RAW file as a JPEG on my hard disk.

      Then I open this JPEG photo, but now it has not the same colour temperature than in my lightroom software.

      Now all my safed JPEG photos have an yellow/green colour temperature, but in lightroom i edited the photo in an normal/rather red colour temperature.


      I don't know, what mistake I make.

      What I have done so far:

      -chance settings by "export" (all other colour spaces looks similar at the end)

      -computer restart

      -new screen calibration

      -uninstall my  screen calibration software

      -install screen calibration new

      -uninstall lightroom

      -new install lightroom


      -> nothing helped. Please help me, because all my finishing photos aren't this, what I have edited.

      Thank you!!


      Best regards from Germany,