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    Publish Online - Responsive Surveys


      I use Publish Online to create and distribute a corporate newsletter and was recently asked by executives to add a pulse survey somehow to my newsletter. I am not a web person, and my cursory research has turned up all sorts of things out of my jurisdiction. It appears that javascript is a common requirement to embed something like a surveymoney-generated survey in anything. 1) We can make a box interactive to link to a URL, email, other page within the same doc, etc., but can we embed a javascript code? Is there a plan to add that capability in the future? 2) Is there another way to create and execute a simple one question "pulse survey" in a Publish Online document? A workaround I've come up with - and it's not ideal - is to just hyperlink the "yes" to an email and "no" to an email that I receive and I just count responses that way. We really want to avoid just adding a hyperlink to SurveyMonkey. It's highly unlikely many would ever answer the questions I put on the page if we did that. Any ideas or other workarounds to avoid extra clicks? Maybe something new to me or that I've overlooked? I know you can create forms, but I'm looking for something super simple that is embedded in a nice, pretty, simple, and unobtrusive way on the main page of my doc - that users just simply click yes or no to and it sends the data somewhere for me to collect. No extra steps. Is this possible somehow in this particular platform?