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    detecting two  seconds on mousedown

    Level 7

      Can you help detecting when a mousedown has passed two seconds to show a
      Any sample please.

      Thank you

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          Hi Arielle
          Sorry no script, but here is what I would do.
          Create a text field called, timerField.
          On mousedown
          Put 1 into timer

          In the global script write
          If timerField = 1 then
          And start the timer script.
          When the timer script = 2 seconds then make the menu visible or go to it, don’t forget to put 0 into timerField at this point to stop the timer script. Also put 0 into timerField on mouseup should the user decide not to access the menu.

          I’m sure someone else will provide a more elegant way, but this will work.

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            Level 7
            property pTime

            on mouseDown me
            pTime=the milliseconds

            on enterFrame me
            if voidP(pTime) then pass

            if the milliseconds-pTime>2000 then
            alert "2 seconds have elapsed"
            end if