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    [Video] How do I do what the person in this video is doing? I get an error when I copy him.

    Courteously Done

      Video: https://youtu.be/nUD6uzHNbCk


      In short he is making an Action set to the F2 key. He make 4 lines crossing with the brush tool. Like this...
      And then he does this...




      Paste Twice
      Send to Back
      Object -> Expand Appearance
      Unite Shape (Pathfinder tool)
      Select a fill color.
      Object -> Compound Path -> Release




      But whenever I do that and then press "F2" I get this.

      But ONLY when I use the shortcut key. Whenever I do it manually it works just fine???


      Please help me if you can. I've tried this like 20 times. 
      I want more than anything in the world to be able to do what he's doing.

      I'm trying to be able to color my drawings instantly like that while still having editable lines.

      I currently color my lines in manually using the paint brush tool and it takes forever.