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    Is RH7 client compatible with X4 server ?

    Liz C
      I am evaluating RH7 (client version) to see whether we should upgrade from X5. So far, I am very happy with the new features especially being able to open more than one topic at a time.

      We create a combination of WebHelp Pro and HTML Help projects. Currently, we publish our WebHelp Pro projects to the X3 server version on a Windows 2000 operating system. I find that, when I open a project that I generated with RH7, the bookmarked text does not open. Also, some topics appear with the message: Page cannot be found. I'm assuming that the problem is that we are publishing a RH7 project to an X3 server version on a Windows 2000 operating system

      We have the X4 server version, but we haven't installed it because of the Windows 2000 operating system. If we upgrade to Windows 2003, can we use RH7 (client version) with the X4 server version? Or, do we need to purchase RoboHelp Server 7?