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    Premiere Pro not rendering/exporting right to Media Encoder

    Krissy2020 Level 1

      Hi everyone, I have been at this for quite a while with 45+ renders with no luck at getting it to render right.


      I am trying to create a video piece that involves 3 image layers panning/zooming out to create a 3D image effect (I will post the video result down below). It looks great and preforms as need be when it comes to the Premiere Pro preview but when it's exported into Media Encoder the image color gets blown out and super pixlated.


      I have exported quite a few videos this way before with no problem but this is my first time doing a project that pans and zooms like this so I am not quite sure if it's a Premiere Pro export problem or if it's a Media Encoder settings issue. Due to me doing so many renders I don't have all of the small details, I have just been messing around and following other Youtube video settings that people share. Hoping to get some help as to what may help get this looking properly. Some settings render better than others while some create a corrupted file that won't allow me to view it at all after waiting 30 min for it to render.


      ORIGINAL IMAGE (flattened)

      scene 1 complete.png


      VIDEO(S) RENDERED (not all just a few)


      This one is just a pan of the image with no layers but it still has the coloring problem and is really not the route I want to go with.



      Any advice would be greatly appreciated!