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    layer mask not working

    bartonlew Level 1

      In the upper layer, I wanted to mask out a portion and did so on the left of that layer.  Then, I wanted to mask another selection which is the selection currently showing by the marching ants.  I want the layer underneath to be visible there.  So I made the selection, selected Layer>Inverse and then chose Mask, but nothing is happening.  The selection is still showing.  What have I done wrong, and how can I get the selection to disappear?  Thanks.


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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          In you screen capture it looke like you are currently targeting the Layer 1 content and  its Vector Mask.  Change Photoshop target to Layer 1Layer's raster mask only then fill your marching ants selection with black to hide that area of layer 1.

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            bartonlew Level 1

            Thanks but can you provide step by step directions?  I have no idea how I created a vector mask, or how to "change Photoshop target to raster mask?"  I Googled this but didn't find anything that seemed to apply to my dilemma.  Do I keep the selection active, and then go to Layer>Layer Mask>Apply and then paint?  When I did that, the selection went black but the layer underneath did not show up.  I don't know what I'm doing, it's very frustrating.  Thank you.

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              JJMack Most Valuable Participant

              Step 1 Target layer 1 raster Layer Mask.

              Step 2 menu Edit>Fill in the Fill dialog select black normal blend mode 100% opacity click OK


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                bartonlew Level 1

                thank you.  in the course of trying to resolve this last night i seem to have gotten rid of the masks that were showing in my initial post for Layer 1.  The part of the Layer 1 that I had subsequently hidden is still hidden and I want it that way, so not a great issue.  What I did to hide the other selection was make the selection, select Layer>Inverse; click on Mask and I got the desired result.   I wish I knew though what I did to delete the first mask.  How can you permanently delete/hide a part of image if you don't have a mask for it in your Layer?  It may be too small to see here but the Layer 1 has a section running down the left side that is not visible (the column) - the Background Layer is showing through there.  But there is no mask for it.