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    Topics called with HH_DISPLAY_TOPIC are not displayed

    epsobolik Level 1
      RoboHelp For Word 6
      I'm having trouble getting msgs called with RH_ShowHelp() and HH_DISPLAY_TOPIC displaying. The actual call is:
      ::RH_ShowHelp(NULL, tFormat("%s%s.htm", csHlpPath, helpIDStr), HH_DISPLAY_TOPIC, NULL);
      csHlpPath is the path to the help files and helpIDStr is a valid help file. I traced into RH_ShowHelp() - the file exists. I can even double click on robohelp_csh.htm (while paused during debugging) and it comes up with the proper msg. But not within the program. Am I calling RH_ShowHelp() correctly?

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