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    Please learn what autosave actually means

    tyler_das Level 1

      I was working in Acrobat, but forgot to close out of it before I shut down my PC. Luckily I had my autosave on so I figured everything would be fine, maybe I lost a couple minutes of work. Nope, I open my file the next day and everything I did the previous day is gone.


      After searching all over the web it seems like the Acrobat autosave feature basically does absolutely nothing. It just creates a temp file that is deleted when you close Acrobat. You can't even open the temp file properly even if you can find it under the mountain of files it's buried. It seems that this autosave feature does nothing meaningful, which is just unacceptable in today's cloud world. Almost every other program will completely save files properly every couple minutes or however often you want, but Adobe seems unable to comprehend this.


      If anyone knows if there is a way I can retrieve my files, I would greatly appreciate it. However, after searching for hours and finding nothing to remedy this situation, I doubt someone will. This was just a little rant but thanks to anyone that helps.