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    Problem with displacement maps

    Doc_Pit Level 1

      I've been reviewing tutorials on displacements maps,  but I haven't been able to produce any result at all in my test files.  The process appears to be absolutely simple.  I follow one tutorial after another, but I'm getting nowhere.  Hoping someone can help me get a bump out of a bump map.  In case anyone has a moment to look at this, here's a link to a small test file:



      Basically, I'm trying to wrap a "texture" (in this test file, just a transparent layer with three horizontal lines) to follow the contours of an "object" (in this case, an image of some folds in a blanket).  My sequence:

      1) I desaturate the object, increase the contrast, and use a blur to subdue the finer textures, leaving the folds prominent.  I save that into a separate file; so that's my displacement map.  The displacement map is the same size as the original file; however, apparently PS requires that the displacement map be 8 bits.

      2) In the original file, I place the texture layer over the original object.

      3) I select the texture layer.  Then filter>distort>displace> [open the displacement map file]


      As a result of the operation, the texture (the three horizontal lines) jump up a notch, but they do not even mildly wrap around the contours of the object (the blanket folds).  From watching a series of tutorials, I realize that to get the full effect, changes need to be made to blend mode, opacity, sometimes contrast.  But in this case, I'm not getting any contouring whatever.


      The test file includes four layers: the texture, the object, and two versions of the displacement map (which needs to be saved as a separate file).  If anyone can clue me in, I would much appreciate it.  Thanks.