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    Reshape tool cursor

    Roger Breton Level 1

      Is there a reason why the Reshape Tool icon could not look like its counterpart in the Tools panel?

      I'm trying to catch up with this tool and I don't find it all that intuitive.

      I know it's only my experience, you may  actually be enchanted with the services rendered by the current incarnation of this intriguing tool.

      But I tend to believe that the tool, once activated, could be a little more "visually unique" or "distinguishable" from the other tools, especially the Direct selection tool to which it ressembles a lot.


      When modifying path segments using the Direct selection tool, a little "squiggle" appears to its bottom right..

      The Reshape tool? Only has some kind of "hollow square"? Why?

      This is so blend and totally useless from an user interface point of view.

      It took many trial and errors and many YouTube videos to finally figure out what makes this tool tick.

      Very frustrating.


      I'm sorry if I'm late to the party but I believe this tool deserves a little more polish....