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    FLASH 8 And JPEGs

      Hi there to any1 that can help me...

      I am busy building a custom post card maker where u have a blank post card then scrolling underneath it is images that you can use to customize the post card. make it look nice and all :)

      however my issue comes when the user is done and they submit/save their postcard it needs to save it as a JPEG image or bitmap but as an image. THis needs to be done so that the user customized postcard can be saved to a gallery of custom user built post cards. and then as a wallpaper and also as a pdf file. I looked and looked everywhere for a way to create images using flash.

      I would just like to know if this is possible. In short: a customizable postcard, saved as an image. Can one build images at run-time using flash?

      Thanx Han