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    Problems while exporting my Project (-2147483648)

    marcelmoosheimer Level 1

      Hey guys I tried to export my newest project and got this errorcode


      In english it says:

      Problems while compiling the film

      Problem while exporting

      Problem with ending of rendering


      Unfortunally I didnt find anything on google.

      Problem is that i wanted to upload the movie in about 6h..


      The video itself was a .mp4, filmed via iPhone and rendered afterwards, 'cause my Laptop can't handle .mov


      I dont know what I can do about it, and also I cant reach the adobe support hotline.


      My Laptop specs

      adbobe 2.PNG

      Aswell as a GeForce GT840M.


      For exporting the media I used "YouTube 1080p" and I didnt change anything but the sound from VBR1 to CBR.


      Thanks in advance,


      If you need any further Informations I'll provide them asap