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    Operator '=' must be followed by an operand

    The Wizard Woods
      Hiya everyone,

      I am having some problems with some syntax and its just baffling me now, so if anyone can help and advise me then i would be most gratefull. The code is below:

      The movies are all in Actionscript 2

      startx = getProperty(_root.bt01, _x);
      startx2 = getProperty(_root.bt02, _x);
      startx3 = getProperty(_root.bt03, _x);
      startx4 = getProperty(_root.bt04, _x);
      startx5 = getProperty(_root.bt05, _x);
      startx6 = getProperty(_root.bt06, _x);
      moved = /:targetx-startx;
      moved2 = /:targetx2-startx2;
      moved3 = /:targetx3-startx3;
      moved4 = /:targetx4-startx4;
      moved5 = /:targetx5-startx5;
      moved6 = /:targetx6-startx6;
      setProperty(_root.bt01, _x, startx+(moved/14));
      setProperty(_root.bt02, _x, startx2+(moved2/14));
      setProperty(_root.bt03, _x, startx3+(moved3/14));
      setProperty(_root.bt04, _x, startx4+(moved4/14));
      setProperty(_root.bt05, _x, startx5+(moved5/14));
      setProperty(_root.bt06, _x, startx6+(moved6/14));

      The error code i get is:

      Operator '=' must be followed by an operand moved = /:targetx-startx;

      Any ideas???