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    Need help with multiplying movie clips...

      Well, in clases the teacher did an exersize where he drawed a face in the middle of the screen and you could feed it some apples. Every time you dragged an apple to the mouth it would be animated and the apple would dissapear but there was a limited amount of apples. What I wanna do is to have just 1 apple but being able to drag infinite copies from it but having the original apple stay in the same place. Only the copies would be dragged. The elements on screen were:

      10 apples (all copies from 1)
      a face
      a bar to mark the %

      Note: The code he used on the apple is bottom of the message. No more coding was used.

      How do I do to make it just one apple and being able to drag unlimited copies from it? The code would make the apple be able to being dragged and dissapear when released on a certain location while the face movie clip is animated. Now I want a code to have 1 apple staying in one place and you being able to drag copies from it. I just got no clue how to do it myself. Any help?